Patch Notes - July 2, 2010

We will be performing extended maintenance this week to apply patch 1.7.1, which includes a number of content hotfixes in preparation for the release of the much-awaited expansion to Tour of the Planes, Doors to Infinity. We will also be performing a hardware refresh during maintenance, and, as a result, the game servers will not be available until the maintenance period is over.

Patch Notes: 1.7.1

- Adjusted the open quest “Break the Crusade”, including the Grand Templar Klytus encounter, to be more appropriate for level 7-8 characters. This will amount to a significant increase in difficulty, and the loot tables for these encounters have been revamped to reflect this.

- Added new quick travel links between Wolf’s Paw and Passage, making travel easier if not necessarily faster.

- Added in-game resources for Thane’s Domain and the Mournland, paragon-tier adventure areas. These areas are works in progress and will be available in a future content release.

- Added the Planar Keyring. This strange item allows users to store an unlimited number of keys in a single inventory slot. Players may receive this item at the conclusion of the Wolfwood story arc from a specific quest NPC.

- Added a number of new quests in various areas in preparation for the Doors to Infinity expansion.

Patch Notes - July 2, 2010

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