Patch Notes - January 5, 2010

We will be performing extended maintenance this week in preparation for the next major content patch, 1.6. We expect the server and the new content to go live 10 AM CST on Saturday, January 9th. Until then, feel free to peruse the Patch Preview.

Patch 1.6: Prisoners in the Cage

The Black Talon are good and truly dead: their infrastructure is gone, Andreyev has returned to his senses, and Damon Gant is dead. But Gant’s journal poses even more questions, and the few answers it does provide are troubling, at best. The real truth of things must be found elsewhere, and the start of that journey begins on the edge of the ’Verse.

Sigil, City of Doors

In the heart of the Outlands, at the top of the Spire, rests the greatest city in all the planes: Sigil. City of mystery, of intrigue, the gateway to a million worlds, with a people and a language all its own. Hold tight, cutter, and watch yourself, or you’re liable to get bobbed, sent to the Maze, put in the dead-book, or worse.

There are multiple ways to leave, but all of them require a key. Being the center of the Multiverse, it goes without saying that there are plenty of opportunities to find, purchase, or otherwise “appropriate” exotic goods, new equipment, and, most importantly, information.

New Instance – The Gatehouse

With a city as large and as intense as Sigil, there are certain to be those who can’t handle it, their minds snapping like dry twigs at the sheer weight of it all. Those poor souls are brought to the city asylum in the Hive district, known as the Gatehouse. Here, the insane spend their days doing whatever it is they do, looked over by members of the Bleak Cabal, one of Sigil’s fifteen factions. Generally, the Gatehouse remains secured and unobtrusive, as the mad and disaffected are cordoned off from the rest of the population.

Lately, the screams from the Gatehouse have become more intense. Rumors on the street say that there’s a riot tearing through the asylum, and that the inmates are in control. Others say that some malign force has invaded, and is using the city’s mentally unstable to some dark purpose. The Bleakers haven’t said anything at all, which is doubly troubling. Still, no need to get involved. The problem will probably take care of itself before too long.

Patch Notes - January 5, 2010

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