Londo Mollari

Londo Mollari is a merchant-noble of the House of Mollari, lately of Calimshan, who has been sent to Athkatla to establish a trading house and other businesses on behalf of his organization.


Londo is a middle-aged half-elf of Calishite complexion, violently receding hairline, and substantial girth. He dresses opulently, as befits a noble of his station, and carries an ivory-tipped cane of bronzewood when about his business. He is usually attended by his assistant, Vir Cotto.

Post to Athkatla

Londo’s posting to Athkatla is generally viewed as a move by the House of Mollari to enter into the northern markets. Many local merchants have strong opinions on this, roughly split between those who are excited for the new business, and those who fear for their livelihoods. Already, Londo has spent hundreds of thousands of gold pieces establishing himself in the Gem Quarter and securing business space in the Docks and on Waukeen’s Promenade.

The truth of the matter is, as always, more complicated. Londo is a member of one of the outlying branches of the extended Mollari family, whose structure favors those with close ties to the family’s revered patriarch, Turhan. Few people have direct audience with him, and he, in turn, has little access to the day-to-day runnings of the House. As a result, the organization is rife with political intrigues and bureaucratic maneuvering.

At some point in the past, Londo held a position of some esteem within the House, dealing with the family’s trade in fine spirits. However, his fortunes fell, and he is now considered little more than a buffoon. His posting to Athkatla is little more than an excuse to get him out of Calimshan and away from family business, something Londo very much resents.


Londo disappeared after the adventurers’ second encounter with Andreyev Bulgakov. When then searched his mansion, they found a secret passage leading to Damon Gant’s private chambers. It seems likely that Londo was in some way working with the Reavers. The merchant, however, has not been seen since.

Londo Mollari

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