A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 101016

In which our heroes acquire even more magic shoes.

But we arrive before I do what I should do, before I say what I should say. And now there is no time. Or is that just an excuse for my inaction? Am I doubting myself? Why did I do nothing?

Once off the boat, we are able to make our way through the gate with little delay. There are some minor demons, but nothing of concern. That is curious. We are in hell, at the point where this dimension touches the earth. Shouldn’t the denizens of this plane be clamoring over themselves to overtake this place. It’s so… empty. I expected twisting rocks and lakes of fire. But there are just floating platforms in the void, connected by portals. We make our way across the expanse. This place makes no sense. Is it broken? Sometimes things break, and can’t be fixed. The final way is blocked by a puzzle. Yan manages to solve it. Even seeing the answer, I still don’t completely understand. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I suppose nothing matters. The gate opens the same, regardless of my comprehension.

The next room is most curious. A large patch of ice, right next to a river of lava that starts and ends nowhere. And in the middle of it all, the Jackal, gibbering about the destruction of the multiverse, and naming us as the threat. How reassuring. We must spend even more time fighting those who should be our allies. The Jackal puts up a strong fight, teleporting across the room and throwing us around as though we were dolls. Grumnil is tossed into the lava, but pulls himself out unharmed. Apparently the lava is illusory, covering a small trench. This makes… no sense. You disguise a danger as something harmless, or bluff with the reverse. Why hide one hazard with another, more dangerous one. Oh, the Jackal has fallen. But… when did that happen?


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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