A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100704

In which our heroes return to church.

The trail leads us back to, of all places, the ruined chapel. The Flamists were quick to capitalize on our efforts of cleansing the structure of the undead. We enter, and are immediately attacked before being given opportunity to explain ourselves. So be it. I will not protect these fools from their own follies.

The first group of zealots is felled, but there will be more. We press farther into the ruins, pleased to discover that the Flamists did not reactivate all the traps we passed our first time through. The next group is deep in prayer. Again, we attempt diplomacy. Again, we are rebuffed. Heretics, their leader calls us. I find myself actually offended. Blasphemy and abomination, I could understand, but heretic? How arrogant, assuming we were ever of his flock.

Their arcanist uses similar magic to Jan, but it is not enough. They are no match for us.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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