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  • Charles

    Charles is a half-elven rogue who enjoys the finer things in life. Charles prefers to spend his time adventuring, not for the gold, but to see something new. That said, he still understands that gold is a universal currency and is useful in getting things …

  • Deynik Mes'Nodd

    Deynik Mes'Nodd is a sivak draconian warlord, formerly of Krynn. He has recently disappeared, reasons unknown.

  • Audra Bulgakov

    Audra Bulgakov, of the Athkatla Bulgakovs, is a (fox) shifter barbarian. She chose to stay with her brother Pieter rather than continue adventuring with the party.

  • Jan Von Eyss

    ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ====== Jan von Eyss, level 13 Deva, Wizard (Arcanist), Blood Mage Arcane Implement Mastery Option: Orb of Imposition Second Implement Option: Staff of Defense Deva - Brink of …

  • Ryltar

    Who Ryltar is is a mystery... even to Ryltar himself right now. His memory is foggy right now, a byproduct of having been possessed by a spirit of some kind for an, as of yet, undetermined amount of time, though initial feeling are it's somewhere along …

  • Mazikeen

    A few decades ago a small group of Fated came up with a plan to take all of Sigil for themselves. Naturally, as long as the Lady of Pain was around, such an enterprise would come to a messy, abrupt end. And if the Lady were somehow removed from the …