A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stones 20110220 through 20110306

In which our heroes are separated into "nerds" and "jocks"

The efreet conjures flame and fiery minions against us. The heat is nearly unbearable, but we are clearly overcoming him. He is about to fall, but instead he drops his sword and yields. He claims that in our next confrontation, we will know more of each other, and he disappears before we can get anything more out of him. I pick up his blade. It is curved, and much lighter than the weapons I am used to. Still, it may be worth experimenting with.

Oryx carries us to the library. There are three buildings in the complex: one looks abandoned, one is boarded up, and the third is adorned with banners of the Brotherhood of the Flame. We look for someone who can direct us to our goal, and we find such a person in the form of a priest of Oghma. To find such a figure here, curiouser and curiouser. He explains that the barricaded structure is the map room, the occupied one is some type of arcane sanctum, and that the dilapidated building is in fact the entrance to the library proper, with the books and scrolls to be found underground. Evidently the Brotherhood barged into the map room, accidently setting off the building’s security systems in the process, and then retreated to their current location. Now the building has been barricaded to prevent others from entering and getting killed by whatever guards the halls. A sensible precaution, but one we will by necessity be ignoring.

Still, it would be better to not alert the Brotherhood of our actions. From the main library we find a hidden passageway. We follow it, and find ourselves in the map room. So, these are the guardians: a trio of… golems, I suppose. Constructs of some sort, I suppose, but their bodies are formed from scrolls and books pulled from the nearby shelves. They appear to have noticed us. Yes, they definitely have. Precision will be required in this fight; can’t risk damaging what we came here to find.

These are elusive foes. One gets pinned down, only to disperse and reform on the other side of the room. As they fall they are absorbed into their companions. Still, we disable them, and find the map we are after. Time to leave.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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