A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 20110313

In which I stop using this format for taglines.

We emerge into some manner of commotion. Doubtlessly my companions will want to investigate, and then I’ll need to try and dissuade them, and of course they’ll ignore- wait, what? They’re not investigating. Perhaps they truly do grasp the importance of our burden. How relieving. As we depart, we pass a litter bearing the princess. None of our concern.

We begin to follow the map. At first our journey is uneventful, but what’s this? An encampment, of some sort, that’s been attacked. By, birds, perhaps? There are large feathers scattered around. The footprints might have been left by rocs. Curious.

Our path leads us into a ravine. There is movement along the walls; we are being attacked. Ah, these are what wiped out the camp. Large, bipedal lizards that have adorned themselves with feathers. We dismount from Oryx and deal with them handily. We press on.

Ahead of us is a large arch. Some of the others are nervous about approaching, but I lead Oryx forward. We have almost passed through, but something is happening. A field of electricity blocks off the entrance as a number of spectral figures appear around us. One of them addresses us in a language we cannot understand. They don’t seem to be aggressive, but the way is still blocked. There is a cavern in the cliff that we did not see before. We enter, and wait.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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