A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 101113

In which our heroes kill the orcs, slay the orcs, destroy the orcs

We reach the pirates’ island, and there we find the remaining crew. They tell us that the pirates are cannibals. That makes quite a lot of sense, actually, given their behavior. It also means negotiations are unlikely to bear fruit. So be it. We confront the pirate’s leader, a large, brutish orc, as well as the rest of his degenerate followers. But the savages are no match for us.

We decide to leave via the pirates’ own ship, rather than traverse the kelp with half a dozen injured men to worry about. Their ship contains a good deal of stolen treasure, and also a shrine to their abominable god. I hope to throw the statue overboard; I have no intention of having that thing at my back for the next few weeks.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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