A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100925

In which Mazzy wasn't really present for most of it.

Ryltar heads out to investigate the situation. When he returns he informs us that the leader of the Templar is planning on making a move against us. Apparently the shield we found could lead us to some holy relic, and he fears that we will attempt to search for it. As if we don’t have enough treasure-hunting to do already. On the following day Ryltar goes to explain our position to the Templar while I investigate the situation of the city. Leaving will be difficult. The guards are taking close interest in anyone wandering the streets, and papers are required to leave the city by land or boat. Ryltar returns with information once more. We are to immediately leave by ship. The papers allowing us to exit the city will be waiting for us, and we have been given documents that should allow us safe passage through the streets. We head out.

We are stopped by some guards. Charles shows them our papers, but all it accomplishes is the delay of their attack. And they are no mere guardsmen; they fight too well for that. Curious. Are they members of the Inquisition, or did the Templar betray us? What would be the purpose of that? Regardless of their origins, they still fall. One of them wielded an enchanted blade, stronger than anything we carry. This is even more curious. Magic is new here, and under strict control. This adds credence to my theory that these were not normal guards, but it does not tell me exactly who they were. Hopefully it won’t matter, but it would be useful to know if the Templar has betrayed us.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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