A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100822

In which our heroes meet the new girl

We are about to make our return trip to Sharn when Audra stops us. She informs us that she has decided to stay in Eberron with her brother. An irrational and short-sighted decision, but I have learned that attempting to reason with my allies is usually a pointless endeavor. Better to choose my battles. I instead ask for the stone she carries. She gives it to me, and we part ways. Just as well. I suspect the shifters will need her before too long.

Our second trip across Khorvaire is much less eventful than our first was. No obstacles hinder our return to Sigil. But still, an impossible task awaits us: to find a single Clueless in the Cage, when all we have is a picture. The streets are crowded with what appears to be refugees. A curious spectacle, but probably short-lived. I tell the others where we should begin looking for our quarry, when Charles bumps into a passerby. It is her. The probability of this occurring by chance is so astronomically low that it would be illogical to believe this was random. This was caused by some outside force, hopefully working in our favor. There is a minor scuffle, in which Charles ends up in possession of the green stone, and we all retire to an inn for introductions.

She is Treasa, a follower of Corellon Larethian, and she does indeed bear one of Gant’s journals. She is somewhat familiar with us, as Gant has written a small amount about us. He has not transcribed his many faults, however. I tell her some of what she doesn’t know, and she agrees to join us. Gant’s journal includes clues regarding the whereabouts of the other stones; we must quickly make our preparations for the next part of the journey. What a pity; I had been hoping to linger in Sigil, there’s no time for it. We disperse. The others go shopping while I must attend to my duties at the Hall of Sensation.

Upon our reunion, we decide to test each of the Lady’s keys and see where they lead. We go from plane to plane, staying just long enough to identify our location before moving on. During this process I end up holding every sigil stone we have acquired. We decide to return to Faerun, for it seems that Ryltar will be able to avoid Lloth’s wrath. I don’t completely understand why Lloth is angered at her follower; probably some pointless religious thing. Ryltar in turn is upset at his goddess, and at all the gods in fact. He sounds like an Athar. If there were more time, I would take him to them. I am disappointed that I am not able to help him now. I hope I can do so in the future.

The portal we take back to Faerun is run by Guy. It takes us back to Nashkel. Most of the others go to speak with Guy, but Yan follows me as I head back to the river. I don’t know what’s changed since we’ve been gone, but there are still fish in the water. I talk to them. Grumnil interrupts me; he wants me to use a stone to check if Guy has been possessed by a Reaver. I do so. Guy does not look particularly happy to see me, but it appears he is not possessed. I return to the fish. They hear what I have to say.


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