A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100627

In which our heroes find Shade.

Nagash unleashes withering hexes, but he is defeated, and this time he is not able to escape from us.

We return to the werekin with news of our victory. Pieter explains that he has news for us too. He brings out a cage, and in it lies Shade. This would be useful, except she is… deactivated. Whatever device powered her is missing. Pieter tells us that his scouts found her at the border of the swamp, so that is where we must go. It seems illogical that we must expend effort to save our enemy from the fate she brought upon herself, but it appears to be necessary.

We head back to the Voidfang fort. The shield has been removed, and the fort has been attacked. All of the shifters are dead, a number of them burned to ashes. There are a few bodies of the Flamists, who apparently were the attackers. We search the remains and find the diary of the Voidfang leader. He wrote of Shade’s arrival, and the words she spoke. How those who joined the Reavers would be spared from the eventual destruction. He also wrote of how Shade’s faith needed to be tested. They took her power source and dumped her in the swamp, the idea being that if her faith is strong, she will prevail. Faith. What a strange concept. The device is not here, most likely the Flamists have taken it. So we will follow them. If they are reasonable they will surrender it without a fight, but faith is enemy to reason.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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