A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100530

In which it snows.

The sky is still dark. Having completed what we came for, we return to the werekin. They too are surprised by the sun’s disappearance. I briefly wonder if the effect is localized or spread across all of Cyre, but there’s no time for that. We need to report to our allies.

We are rewarded for defeating the undead, and that is our best interaction with the shifters. Their apothecary tells us that in addition to the specimens we’ve already collected, he needs a number of venom sacs from the local spiders. This causes some consternation in Ryltar. Apparently spiders are sacred, and he is not allowed to kill them. Inconvenient, but hardly the most illogical idea to come from religion. Except he is able to circumvent this restriction by atoning ahead of time. Once again I find myself swayed by the beliefs of the Athar. I don’t have time for philosophy now; I need to talk to Pieter.

He does not seem to be comfortable speaking with me without his sister standing over us. I ask him directly if he can actually do what he’s promised for us. He doesn’t say “yes”. Instead he attempts to deflect our attention by giving us another chore: reducing the numbers of the Silver Flame. Clearly Pieter is more like his father than I had thought. I’ll need to step carefully.

We find the Rageclaws fortifying their position as if they were preparing for a siege. They want nothing to do with us or the other shifters. As we are turned away, we notice a barded horse with the Silver Flame insignia within their walls. Perhaps there is a traitor. I wonder if my companions will comfort and nourish this one as well.

The majority of our tasks take us to the north. We stop to rest, and when we awake it is snowing. Peculiar, but we are told it is not unheard of in this region. We press on, and run into some Flamists. Once again, Charles’s attempts at diplomacy yield no results. They believe we are heretics. As if I would sully myself with even a variant of their beliefs. As usual, a fight ensues, and I demonstrate the power of a mind unburdened by faith.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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