A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100516

In which something fairly interesting happens which Mazikeen wasn't present for.

Not long after we enter the swamp we are set upon by the walking dead, but they are put down with little difficulty. We continue following the tracks, and they lead us to a ruined fort. Ruined, but inhabited by werekin. Darkfangs, only now they call themselves Voidfangs. Apparently they were very receptive to what Shade had to say. And apparently she didn’t warn them about us. They are very forthcoming with information, even telling us where Shade has gone. However, even if they are telling the truth, we cannot just leave them here. All who follow the Reavers must be killed, and their works put to the flame. We ask to enter, they tell us we have to wait a few days before they’ll let us in. We start considering an earlier entrance when suddenly they erect a field similar to that which covered the Gatehouse. If we are to stop them, and we will, we must wait for the shield to lower. So we camp for the night.

I awake. It is morning. But it is still dark. Too dark. The sun should have risen by now. My initial thought is that the shield has extended over us, but when we return to the fort we find the dome still in place. As we scout around, we notice that there is a large amount of undead present. They don’t attack us, and we manage to convince Grumnil to do the same. There is a larger concentration of them nearby. We approach, and see some more werekin performing a ritual while surrounded by zombie guards. Yan does an excellent job of disabling the undead, allowing us to defeat them at little risk to ourselves. Useful, since now we must face the necromancers.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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