A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100509

In which our heroes begin grinding rep.

We manage to reach the town of Wolf’s Paw without further incident. Once again, we disperse in search of information. Upon our reunion it is determine that we shall head south to a congregation of werekin, as that is where Shade went. Charles splits off from us for some meaningless errand. Foolish, but he won’t be stopped.

Our introduction to the werekin is not particularly dignified. I discover that we are not as unified in purpose as I had thought. Audra wants to help the werekin, while Ryltar is merely investigating some bandits. Luckily, the leader turns out to be Audra’s brother, Pieter. Audra is able to perform some damage control by dismissing Grumnil as a fool and me as militant. “Militant” she said, disapproval in her voice. I don’t understand. Is it wrong that, unlike the others, I take our responsibilities seriously? No. I’m keeping proper perspective; they’re the ones who err. I decide to try and correct them, when I get the opportunity.

Pieter explains that while he can’t help us find Shade, he knows who can. However, we will need to gain their trust before they will tell us anything. Trust that can be gained, apparently, by performing a number of menial tasks. We talk to the chieftains to find out what must be done. Audra comes with me to make sure I don’t “cause an incident”. She needn’t have worried. The chieftain ignores me completely and only talks to her. No matter. We have our chores.

We move to the east, hunting boars and searching for herbs as we go. Ryltar proves that his skills of tracking are not limited to the Underdark, which is a blessing. These are not talents one picks up living in Sigil. We come to the holdings of one of the clans. No shifters, only boars. And Charles. The trail leads north, into a swamp.


ToriasKane TwoHeadsBarking

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