A Tour of the Planes

Memory Stone 100411

In which our heroes solve a murder by shouting at people.

We are told to gather in the dining car. Once there, Yan puts forward an uncharacteristically interesting suggestion: kill everyone and hijack the train. I tell him this is not necessary. Given the nature of the murder, it is unlikely that we are in any danger. Also, the train has stopped because of damage to the tracks, not because of the murder. Still, it is curious that Yan is the one who suggested it. It looks like part of him is waking up. The detective comes in and tells us to return to our rooms so he can question us at his convenience. Some of the others volunteer their services. I do not. This murder does not concern us. We have more important things to worry about.

Later the detective asks me to join him at the crime scene and I do so. It is clear that he has no questions for me, so I begin questioning him. My suspicions are quickly confirmed: here is a man with little imagination. His success as a detective must be more a result of his tenacity and luck than his powers of insight. I ask him why he thinks the murderer is still on the train. He responds that it would have been difficult to leave, given our elevation. Untrue. I think of at least three ways to safely reach the ground, and I’m sure more would present themselves if I were familiar with Eberron’s machines. I ask him why he is sure the murderer is in the first class cabin. Yes, the door was locked, but there are ways to bypass it. He says the door is warded against teleportation and phasing, so someone would need to be a skilled acrobat to get from one cabin to the next. I do not know why he was sure there were no such acrobats in the passenger cars. Like I say, little imagination. And he’s wrong about the door. I excuse him and return to my room.

The sun rises. We are all summoned to the dining car to watch the detective attempt to solve the crime. Some of the others are already here. I sit with Yan and Audra and begin weaving my blades into my hair. Audra takes notice. Is one of the few times they’ve seen me without decoration. The detective starts talking, but he doesn’t say anything important. He doesn’t know who the murderer is. The train starts moving again; the tracks must be fixed. I stay long enough to finish setting my hair, and then I return to my room. I change out of my bedclothes and into my armor. Not because I fear an attack. Primes often find my appearance unsettling. For the next few days, it might be helpful if people are afraid of me. Also, if we need to implement Yan’s plan, it would be better to be prepared. I wonder if any of the others would go along with it.

I return to the dining car. There is a lot of shouting. Much of it is from Grumnil. I am not surprised. The noblewoman is in tears. The detective clearly has yet to do his job. Ryltar is standing at the door and I ask him if he knows who the murderer is. He responds in the affirmative, and confronts the noblewoman’s handmaiden. Something falls into place, for the noblewoman turns on her servant and begins accusing her. The servant responds by shifting into a rakshasa, killing her employer, and promising to do the same to us. This is unacceptable. Our deaths would slow our progress to an unrecoverable degree. The rahshasa must be killed.


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